G. Perry: 2017-18 Job Search Log 


  1. 2/22: I've got the Allscripts gig. It's a 6-month contract and I start this coming Monday, the 26th. My background check and drug screening all went through with flying colors. This week, ending on the 24th will be my last week of being unemployed.


  1. 2/19: The opportunity with Allscripts keeps moving forward. I've been in regular communication with Melissa Zimmerman. I did go pee in a cup for a drug screening last Saturday and have filled out a lot of paperwork such that TEKsystems can perform a background check. All this for a 6-month web programming contract.
  2. I continue to study JQuery and plan on finishing this online course sometime this week.
  3. I will get the results of the drug screening sometime this week. Maybe Wednesday. I will also have to go into the TEKsystems office and fill out a bunch of paperwork. There will also be some kind of orientation meeting with Allscripts. The plan is for me to start work on the 26th, a week from today.


  1. A lot has happened since my last entry. I've contacted number recruiters and numerous recruiters have contacted me. I've applied to many jobs through ZipRecruiter. I've had numerous email conversations - so many that I've become overwhelmed and have not wanted to update this log.
  2. Where it stands right now: I have a job offer in the works. It's through a recruiting agency called TEKSystems and I've been working very closely with a woman named Melissa Zimmerman. The client (or company) is called Allscripts.
  3. The position at Allscripts would be for 6 months with a possible offer for a full-time position afterwards, but nothing is guaranteed. We're still working out the details for a start-date. As it stands now, I haven't signed anything, so it isn't completely official.
  4. Also, I have to take a drug test at some point to move forward with this opportunity. I don't think this will be a problem. I heard from Melissa yesterday (Monday, Feb-12th) and she still hasn't heard about a firm start-date. So, I'm in a hurry up and wait position.
  5. The contract is for a frontend development position and it is mostly JavaScript programming using JQuery on a Windows platform. It's located in Broomfield, about 30 minutes away by car and very close to where Staples used to be located before they moved.
  6. I did speak with a guy (Kaylan Das) over at Dish after the phone screen had been setup and cancelled twice. I talked with him on 8-Feb-2018 (Wednesday). I didn't like the guy and got a bad vibe from him. I got the sense he didn't like me either, so the feeling is probably mutual. They do pair-programming and have a daily stand-up at 8:45am every day. That position is located in downtown Denver, so it would be super hard for me to make that stand-up on time coming from Boulder. As of today (2/13), I haven't heard back from him or Will Whorton, the recruiter who I was working with.
  7. I'm supposed to talk to 2 recruiters today: Dave Mayer about a couple of opportunities in Boulder. One is for a React developer, the other is a more senior position using the Go Language.
  8. I'm also talking with Jennifer Shedd from JumpCloud. They are looking for a senior UI Engineer for an opportunity in Boulder. Contact email: jennifer.shedd@jumpcloud.com
  9. JumpCloud Job Details
  10. I'm keeping my options open just in case the Allscripts opportunity falls through. I don't think it will, but I still haven't signed anything yet, but I do have a verbal offer. $51.50/hour. This does not include health care benefits and I don't believe it includes any paid time off.

17-Jan-2018 - 22-Jan-2018

  1. 1/17: Maddie from MakeMusic emailed me to let me know that the "hiring folks" are out of town this week and that I won't hear anything until early next week, the earliest. So, I'm in a "hurry up and wait" situation. At least she didn't say that I was out of the running.
  2. 1/18: I was supposed to talk with Dish today, but it got pushed until next week. Will was thinking Monday, the 22nd.
  3. 1/19 - 1/22: I've reached out to Will a couple of times (via email and phone) and have asked about today's Dish phone call but I haven't heard anything from him. Kind of frustrating. Some emails he says he's sent have not been received by me. I brought this up in my phone message today and gave him my email address again. Still waiting to hear back from him and Dish. Maybe I'll talk to them today (1/22).
  4. 1/22: I emailed Katie Dill at Gogo to touch base as I haven't heard back from her. I asked her if I was still in the running for a dev position. Usually, no news is bad news in this game. Maybe she'll write back but I'm not going to hold my breath. I still see the dev position listed on ZipRecruiter, it hasn't been closed out yet.
  5. 1/22 Spent time looking on ZipRecruiter today but I didn't see any positions that looked like a good fit. A lot of positions want devs with React experience, which is something I've been teaching myself this past week. I have been going through an excellent online course at Udemy.com. It consists of over 30 hours of lecture and there are practice exercises along the way and I have built a couple of simple apps using React. Everything is checked into GitLab (source control) such that I can refer to it, etc. My plan is to continue learning React this week and probably into next week as well. I'm trying to finish the course as fast as possible.

15-Jan-2018 - 16-Jan-2018 ==> Peaksware and Dish

  1. 1/15: I called Maddie at MakeMusic to make sure she received my work. She did. She later emailed me in the afternoon and said that the team will take a look and see what I accomplished. She said she would be in touch with me sometime after Engineering has had a time to review my work.
  2. 1/16: I spoke with Will Whorton (in Atlanta) regarding the opportunity with Dish Network. They want to have a phone call with me, so we're going to set something up soon.

8-Jan-2018 - 14-Jan-2018 ==> Peaksware

  1. I had a phone interview with Maddie Stoddard with Peaksware (MakeMusic). We had a great discussion and she gave me a major coding assignment to do as part of their interview process.
  2. This was a monumental task to say the least. I wrote about 2,000 lines of code in the course of 7 days. Here is a link to the app I built for them.
  3. I plan on syncing up with Maddie to confirm that she's received my work. I submitted it today, 14-Jan-2017 via email and pointed her to the app running on my personal website.

2-Jan-2018 - 4-Jan-2018 ==> Phone Interviews

  1. I had a phone interview with a gal named Katie Dill on 3-Jan. She was calling on behalf of Gogo. I thought it went well and it sounds like I'm going to talk with the hiring manager. One can never tell, however.
  2. I heard back from MakeMusic. This is the prize company that I want to go work for. I set up an initial phone interview with a woman named Maddie Stoddard for today, the 4th, however, we had to reschedule for next Monday (at 10am, on the 8th) as she wasn't feeling well.
  3. Last night, I was emailing with a recruiter about some opportunities in Boulder, a guy named Dave Mayer at Technical Integrity (dave@technicalintegrity.com). In our email discussion, I learned that he is trying to fill a position with Hybris/SAP, which is Bruce Snyder's company. (Bruce is a friend of mine.)
  4. It would be cool to work for Bruce's company, but I'm sure I can't pass the technical at this point as I'd have to learn the Spring framework.
  5. The reason Dave emailed me is because I applied for a job in Boulder through ZipRecruiter. Job Listing - Mid Level Full Stack Developer for Small Startup This might not be the best opportunity as Dave said they are only going to pay around $80K maybe a little more for the person who knows ReactJS. So, the pay is low and I still need to learn React.
  6. For the remainder of the week, I'm going to be studying ReactJS as this is what appears to be used at MakeMusic and Gogo. I really need to be able to pass the technicals for these two opportunities.

28-Dec-2017 ==> Adopt a Box

  1. Viewed my resume twice on ZipRecruiter. Apparently, only 17% of applications are viewed twice. So, that's cool.

28-Dec-2017 ==> Write killer cover letter for MakeMusic.

  1. I need to apply to MakeMusic. It looks like a good opportunity. I have to try.
  2. Cover letter written. One of my best. A backdoor link to it can be found here.
  3. Looks like MakeMusic's parent company is called Peaksware. Check out the job listings page.

28-Dec-2017 ==> Received email from Joshua Williams with Gogo Corporate

  1. Josh wants to setup a 30 minute phone screen with me between the following dates: 1/3 - 1/5/2018 and 1/8 - 1/12
  2. I have responded with date/times. It looks like they are probably getting back to work on the 3rd of next year, a Wednesday.

28-Dec-2017 ==> Met with Melissa Zimmerman with TEKsystems

  1. 2 hour meeting. She bought me breakfast.
  2. She encouraged me to shorten my resume. Her feedback was that hiring managers spend about 60 seconds on average looking at a resume and that mine was too long. Although, she actually likes the format and detail of my resume.
  3. She felt optimistic about my future and job prospects opening up at the beginning of the year.
  4. She was impressed with my background (my work experience and my education). She also said that it was important that I have a degree in Computer Science, that most employers won't even consider anyone for a development position without them having a formal education and a degree.
  5. We'll keep in touch.

27-Dec-2017 ==> Adopt A Box

  1. Senior Web Developer - Job Listing
  2. Familiarity with with HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB
  3. Located in Boulder.

27-Dec-2017 ==> Contract Position: CMS/HTML

  1. Web Specialist - Job Listing
  2. $35 an hour. Comes with Medical and Dental benefits.
  3. Might be an easy gig to have while looking for more work.

26-Dec-2017 ==> MakeMusic

  1. Doing some research to see who works at MakeMusic, Inc., a world leader in music technology. Our products include Finale, the world's best-selling music notation software; Garritan, the leading provider of quality virtual software instruments; MusicXML, the standard open format for exchanging digital sheet music; and SmartMusic, interactive software featuring the world's largest accompaniment library.
  2. Some Linked-In contacts:
  3. Broken Widows Theory
  4. YAGNI - You Aren't Going To Need It
    • Advocates for Simple Designs and Incremental Designs.
    • Cost of Building - All the effort spent on analyzing, programming, and testing a feature.
    • Presumptive Feature - A feature you think you will need at some point in the future. The truth is, you might need that feature, but you might not need that feature.
      • Successful Presumptive Feature - You actually wind up needing that feature.
      • Unsuccessful Presumptive Feature - You DON'T actually wind up needing that feature.
    • Cost of Delay or Delayed Value - The cost associated with building a successful presumptive feature that isn't needed right now. It would have been better spent building a different feature that would have brought value to the user/company.
    • Cost of Carry - The code for a presumptive feature adds some complexity to the software system, and this complexity makes it harder to modify and debug that software, thus increasing the cost of other features.
    • Cost of Repair - Has to do with building the right feature in the wrong way. You'll going to need to fix (or refactor) it. You're going to need to pay off some technical debt.
      Fowler's YAGNI Principle
    • YAGNI - Doesn't mean to forego all abstractions, but it does mean any abstraction that makes it harder to understand the code for current requirements is presumed to be a bad idea or "nogo".
      • Don't add fields or methods until you're actually ready to use them.
      • The AIM: Small YAGNI decisions add up to significant reductions in complexity to a code base, while speeding up delivery of features that are needed more urgently.
      • "YAGNI only applies to capabilities built into the software to support a presumptive feature, it does not apply to effort to make the software easier to modify." In other words, YAGNI doesn't mean you shouldn't refactor (improve the design) code.

        Yagni is not a justification for neglecting the health of your code base. Yagni requires (and enables) malleable code.
  5. BOOK: Working Effectively With Legacy Code
  6. BOOK: The Pragmatic Programmer


  1. Spoke with Melissa Zimmerman ==> TEKsystems, (763) 218-1625 - We're planning on meeting this Thursday at 9:30am to discuss 2018 opportunities.
  2. Medhaj G. ==> medhaj.g@apideltech.com, (303) 317-2350 - Contacted me regarding an opportunity with Comcast in downtown Denver. I still think this location would be too far of a commute for me to last long. I need something more sustainable.

26-Dec-2017 ==> Gogo Business Aviation

  1. Job Listing
  2. I applied for this job through a website called: https://lensa.com
  3. http://www.gogoair.com/
  4. Looks like this job is also associated with this website too: https://app.jobvite.com


  1. I applied for a Frontend position using ZipRecruiter. This position is going through Cyber Coders, a recruiting firm.
  2. So far, no word back or any activity.


  1. I spoke with Will Whorton with Pareto Solutions Group. Will is an IT Recruiter. His phone is: 404.400.2925 (o) and his email is: wwhorton@paretosg.com
    His cell: 770-870-7218
  2. He said he will send me any positions that match my job search criteria and skills. So, we left things pretty open at this point.
  3. NOTE: I got a former coworker of mine, Taylor Sallee, to write me a recommendation on Linked-In.
  4. 21-Dec-2017: Will and I spoke about an opportunity with Dish located in downtown Denver. We're looking at a rate of $65-70/hr W2 (130k-140k) for the initial 6 month contract.

19-Dec-2017 ==> Green Chef

  1. I applied for a Frontend dev position.

18-Dec-2017 ==> UCAR

  1. I applied for a development position with NCAR/UCAR/UCP.
  2. Software Engineer/Programmer II 18067
  3. Still haven't heard anything back as of 26-Dec-2017.

*DEAD* - Technical Integrity

  1. Job Listing
  2. Applied for a JavaScript Engineering position on 6-Dec-2017 using ZipRecruiter website.
  3. Application was viewed on 14-Dec-2017 and was viewed 3 times which is rare according to ZipRecruiter.
  4. I haven't heard anything. It seems they are no longer accepting new applications for this role as of around 17-Dec-2017.

Biodesix, Inc. - Company Website

  1. Job Listing
  2. Applied for a Software Engineering position on 12-Dec-2017 using ZipRecruiter website.
  3. Application was viewed on 19-Dec-2017 and ZipRecruiter informed me that it was "liked" on 20-Dec-2017, which seems like a very good thing.
  4. Still waiting on this one as of 26-Dec-2017

12-Dec-2017 - Mindflash

  1. Mindflash website - They have an online training platform and are looking for someone strong in Angular and/or ReactJS.
  2. Spoke with Huy (pronounced, "Wee") Pham about a position in downtown Denver.
  3. Huy works with is a Technical Recruiter working for Beacon Hill Technologies, Phone Direct: 720-466-4933 and Main Office: 720-466-4930
  4. He had two opportunities but only one appealed to me. It's for a company called Mindflash and they are located in downtown Denver.
  5. I also with Huy's partner, Oliver Spears on 18-Dec-2017, Monday. We discussed the Mindflash opportunity further and Oliver said he would contact the hiring manager over at Mindflash.
  6. I need to follow-up with this opportunity as I haven't heard from Huy or Oliver. The Christmas holiday hasn't probably helped.

11-Dec-2017 (Monday) - 16-Dec-2017 (Saturday)

    I flew to Phoenix with Eve, my girlfriend, as her father has been hospitalized and is in ICU.

11-Dec-2017 ==> Brennan Wolf

  1. I spoke with Brennan. She's a recruiter with a recruiting firm called Horizontal Integration.
  2. bwolf@horizontalintegration.com
    Office: 303.557.0175
    2000 S. Colorado Blvd., Annex - Suite 305, Denver, CO 80222
  3. She had an opportunity in South Denver (Centennial, CO) for a company called Arrow Electronics, but it didn't look like a good fit for me. Too far of a commute and they are trying to fulfill a full-stack dev role. I want to be on the frontend.
  4. She had a second position too, but that was also in South Denver. Too far away.

10-Dec-2017 ==> Joan Branham

  1. Joan used to be my manager at Staples.
  2. Joan and I connected via Linked-In and she gave me a positive job reference on the Linked-In website.

7-Dec-2017 to 8-Dec-2017

  1. Had a discussion with Allie Kinzler with TEKsystems about some opportunities through the Linked-In messaging system.
  2. Not much came from our exchange. She was pitching more Java dev positions and in south Denver. I want to work as a Frontend developer.
  3. She said she would keep an eye for me for any Frontend dev positions closer to Boulder.

7-Dec-2017 - Mike Starkey at BrieBug Software

  1. Mike reached out to me on Linked-In and we started a discussion about the possibility of me doing some contracting work in the Denver area.
  2. We were set to talk on the phone on 11-Dec-2017, but then Eve's dad got hospitalized and we flew out to Phoenix on the 11th, Monday.
  3. I should reach out to Mike again and see if we can find a programming gig for me. He seemed super friendly.

5-Dec-2017 ==> 10-4 Systems - Company Website

  1. I applied for a Front End Engineering position with 10-4 on 5-Dec-2017, Tuesday, through Linked-In.
  2. I haven't heard anything back from them.

*DEAD* --- 27-Nov-2017 - 7-Dec-2017 ==> Gloo - Company Website

  1. I applied to Gloo at the end of November. I spoke with a recruiter named Alex R. Anden on 27-Nov-2017, Monday.
  2. Alex spoke with the hiring manager with Gloo and this lead to a phone screen interview with a woman named Brie (Bree sp?) who works with Gold Stone Partners.
  3. I spoke with Brie (407-810-2036, cell) on 30-Nov-2017, Thursday, and thought the discussion went very well.
  4. I heard from Brie the following week on 7-Dec-2017, Thursday, and Gloo decided to pass. Apparently, they felt that I "needed more structure" based on the conversation I had with them. I guess things are very chaotic with Gloo and/or they have a "start-up mentality" and lack structure and/or process.

28-Nov-2017, Tuesday - I filed for Unemployment.

  1. Unemployment Benefits Website
  2. My claim is effective from: 11/26/2017 to 11/24/2018